Mold Making



Mold Making: If you are creating more than one model, the most important step is making a rubber mold. Once the mold is made you can reproduce may copies of the original. The detail stays exactly the same each time you use the mold. With every casting job we make a mold of the original model before we invest and cast. This will allow our customer to reproduce the piece at any time and act like insurance against casting failure.
 Our Promise: All molds are considered copy written material owned by the customer NOT DPMEX. The only time we have ownership of a mold is if we produce the original model and you choose from our inventory. 
Customer Protection: For added security, we store all molds that we make in a controlled environment to protect against damage due to room temperature and loss. If you want to store your mold we will ship it to you with storage instructions. Proper storage is very important, molds can become very soft and un-useable if the room temperature is not suitable for the type of mold you have.  We will call and help you determine the most effective and economical mold material for your project (high volume mold, or one for occasional use). 
Molds Types & Uses: We use Vulcanized rubber molds and non shrink silicone molds. Vulcanized molds are used when large runs are produced. Silicone is used when the customer needs one or two copies. Our mold making service is fantastic if you have one style of engagement ring that sells fast. If you have a mold it will save you a good amount of money if you can have 50 made in one shot rather then buying and shipping one at a time. Molds save you labor charges, shipping charges, and time. Consider having your best sellers reproduced with perfect detail at a lower cost.