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Our diamond wholesale price list is subject to change with the Rapaport diamond pricelist. As demand changes in any given diamond catigory, our price will change. Example; if Oval shape diamonds move to weak global demand on the Rapaport Price List our prices will move lower. If the Rapaport Price list changes to strong global demand the price will move higher in the same amount as the average discount in any given catagory. 

If you have an account with dpmex 15 day memos are available on all of our inventory. You must have FIN1 JBT score for memo goods, or an established account with DPMEX and three trade references.

If you are not a jeweler we extend no credit what so ever. You may view the diamond in one of our offices located in Richmond, VA or New York. Once you have made your purchase we do not except returns as our profit margins do not support a return service. All of our diamonds are certified by third party grading services ( GIA, HRD, AGS, & IGI) to insure transparency. We will buy diamonds back diamonds we have sold to private customers. We will pay based on market conditions and our own evaluations.